There is no need for panic

FAILTE Ireland’s Director of Business Development, Paul Keeley, said when the Brexit situation is being reviewed, there is no need for panic as it’s worth noting that the average British tourism stays in Ireland for a shorter period and spends less than holidaymakers from other markets.

He said it is important to focus on markets that can be controlled in a better way and the important thing for Ireland is to concentrate on providing good value for money and quality service.

“We’ve already come through 9/11, SARS, volcanic ash and a global economic crisis so there is need to panic. In terms of Britain, Brexit is just a speed bump,” Mr Keeley told the AIB Let’s Talk Tourism forum in the Muckross Park Hotel.

AIB’s Head of the Hotel Business Unit and Corporate Banking, Owen Travers, said Irish hotels need to be focused on their own business and that preparation and early planning were the important factors.

“The world changes. The UK visitor is a bit like the chickenpox – they are everywhere and they are very important to regional Ireland,” Mr Travers stated.